Rejoice! Gluten-Free Cake Pops from Elana’s Pantry

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over the last year we’ve seen cake pops just about everywhere. We taught you how to make them (and haven’t stopped making them since) and they’ve become a staple for parties and events. But what happens if you have a gluten allergy? Well, you don’t have to give them up!

Instead of traditional frosting these cake pops found over at Elana’s Pantry use a fruit spread in combination with gluten-free cake. Topped with gluten-free sprinkles (bet you never thought about what’s in a sprinkle before, have you?) they’re just as pretty as their gluten-laced counterparts and just as tasty!

Although there are many great gluten-free cake recipes, sometimes it’s nice to see things all put together for you. These are an impressive dessert that can make a big impact on your guests for relatively little work on your part.

Get the recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Cake Pops at Elana’s Pantry