This Tip for Reheating Mac and Cheese Is a True Game-Changer

published Feb 2, 2022
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Credit: Brittany Conerly
Classic Creamy Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is on my dinner table quite frequently, though once the leftovers are stored away, it seems as if they’re never touched again. Though I’ve had a few tries of simply microwaving or baking the leftovers, the experience was never the same as the cheesy favorite from days ago. 

Apparently, I’m not the only person who feels disappointed when it comes to reheating meals the day after they’re made. Recently, there has been a substantial amount of helpful tips on the internet that breathe new life into leftovers, including rice, pizza, and even steak. And thankfully, it turns out that there is an efficient way to reheat your leftover mac and cheese, too! 

Content creator @maccheesmo took to TikTok to share his favorite method to give the ultra-cheesy dish a new wave of life. He created a tutorial video that ensures that you won’t have to compromise on flavor or texture ever again when reheating your leftover mac. Meaning, you can now officially say bye-bye to crumbly and dry leftover mac and cheese.

“Trust me, once you try it this way, you won’t be throwing mac and cheese away … especially if it’s homemade and wonderful,” he said.

Reheating your leftovers begins with measuring out your mac and cheese and milk. According to the video, for every cup of mac and cheese you plan to reheat, use a half cup of milk. Add the milk and mac and cheese to an appropriately-sized pan over low heat. In the video, he initially mentions using just a quarter cup of milk, but then adds another quarter cup as the mac and cheese begins heating up. “It seems like a lot [of milk], but you want it to get nice and saucy,” he told his followers.

Once the mac and cheese begins to bubble around the edges, you’ll stir it all together until creamy and thoroughly warm throughout. The final step is to serve with a few additional tablespoons of cheese and as a result, you’ll be left with a plate of mac and cheese that’s “almost better than day one.”

The best part about this hack is that it takes under 10 minutes from start to finish and only requires milk, so there’s no need for extra, complex ingredients. Long live cheesy and creamy leftover mac and cheese!