Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Refurbished Vitamix on Amazon

updated May 1, 2019
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If you really, really want a Vitamix but just can’t bring yourself to pay the big bucks, you should consider buying a reconditioned model. Just read this story first. Here, we explain everything you need to know about buying a refurbished Vitamix on Amazon.

1. Reconditioned models are only slightly (or never!) used.

Reconditioned models are machines that get returned by consumers and were either never or only slightly used. They may be blenders on shelves right now or they may be older, discontinued ones — but you’ll never find one that was manufactured more than five years ago.

Before reselling them, Vitamix inspects each blender and replaces any parts that don’t meet its standards. Any products with significant defects like a bad scratch on the base or a motor that makes an unusual noise aren’t repaired or resold.

2. You shouldn’t get tripped up over the wording.

You may notice that some Vitamix blenders are labeled as reconditioned and others are refurbished. Technically, a reconditioned product has gone through more extensive inspection, but the terms are used interchangeably. What is important is that it says that the product is certified by Vitamix and that it comes with the company’s warranty.

3. Yes, there’s still a warranty.

Certified reconditioned Explorian Series blenders come with a three-year warranty, and all others come with a five-year warranty. If your blender needs repairs, Vitamix will pay for the shipping both ways. During the first 30 days after purchase, you can return it, no questions asked, and the company will even pay for the return postage. In addition, you get the same customer service that is provided with any Vitamix blender.

4. There’s no reason to be skeeved out.

Certified reconditioned Vitamix blenders come with brand-new jars and lids, and blades that have been sanitized. Also included are never-been-used tampers and cookbooks.

5. Your blender will not come in the original packaging.

Instead, it will come in a plain white box that has the Vitamix logo. That might make a certified reconditioned blender a little less attractive if you’re buying it as a gift. But truthfully, who wouldn’t love to get a Vitamix?

6. The savings are significant.

You’ll get up to 25 percent off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For example, this Explorian model is $220 (compared to $289) and this one is $299.

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