10 Under-$500 Refrigerators with Impressive Storage Space (Up to 18 Cubic Feet!)

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Kitchen appliances may always be expensive, but they can still be within reach as long as you know where to look. We’ve found great deals on dishwashers, smart ovens, and stand mixers, and now we’ve accepted the challenge of finding highly rated, well-made, and reliable refrigerators that also happen to be under a $500 budget. What we came back with surprised us — in a good way!

The Best Refrigerators Under $500

We were able to find plenty of small and mid-size refrigerators (as well as one full-size fridge) from top-line brands — such as LG and Frigidaire — that are fantastic for anyone shopping on a budget. All of our picks are small-space friendly, and a few would work great in college dormitories or as secondary mini fridges in home offices. So, if you want a great fridge and don’t want to spend a lot, check out our list of the best refrigerators for under $500. Once you have a new fridge picked out, see how you can keep it neat with our favorite fridge organizers — or turn it into a magnet for extra storage.

Do you have a refrigerator under $500 that you love? We want to hear all about it! Tell us about your favorite finds in the comments below.

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was $209.99

With 3.3 cubic feet of storage space, this mini fridge is in between the super small square fridges and the slightly larger rectangular fridges. You can move around its shelves and some of its door organizers to customize your food storage setup — and as a bonus, it has a tiny freezer built into the top of the fridge area.

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Bed Bath & Beyond

When you just need a little refrigeration space, this mini fridge with 2.6 cubic feet of storage has you covered. It has angled beverage slots that allow it to hold eight bottles or cans on the inside of its door, as well as one large item and two medium-sized ones. The main storage area is well lit, and because of its smaller size, it's easy to keep clean.

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Pick up this retro refrigerator-freezer combo in either red or black to add some distinct charm to your kitchen. The classic hinge-style handles are a nice touch, and with 4 cubic feet of storage, this unit works great in any place that is tight on space and still needs the full functionality of a fridge and freezer.

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was $289.99

Most mini fridges don't leave room to include a freezer, which is what makes this fridge-freezer combo such an excellent find. It has an extra large crisper drawer at the bottom and makes smart use of limited space by tilting some of the door organizers so they can hold more stuff.

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We love fridges that let you customize their layout, and this RCA model with 7.5 cubic feet of storage does just that. You can move around some of its door organizers to change how much vertical storage space they have, and the two moveable shelves have six different levels they can be set to. Plus, it has a freezer on top with a removable wire rack.

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If your kitchen can't spare much square footage, this small-space-friendly single-door refrigerator is a smart choice. LG squeezed 6 cubic feet of space into this super-slim design that manages to include a crisper drawer, storage cubbies in the door, plenty of shelves, and an internal freezer section at the top. Considering this unit was made by such a high-quality brand, it's a steal at this price.

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was $409.99

This straightforward refrigerator is in between full-size and mini-size, which can be extremely useful in certain situations. If you don't want your fridge to take up so much room in your kitchen, or if you need a fridge that can squeeze into an office or garage, this 10 cu. ft. pick is the one for you. It works great in studio apartments and dormitories, and because it has a freezer on top, you get all the functionality you could want.

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If you can hear the vintage decor calling your name, but you still want a decent amount of food storage space, this retro refrigerator-freezer combo from RCA is right for you. It has a storage capacity of 7.5 cubic feet and is available in a brilliant red hue that can serve as the stunning centerpiece of your kitchen.

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Home Depot
was $649.00

This is one of the most affordable full-size refrigerators you will find anywhere — period. It has 18 cubic feet of storage, an easily accessible temperature control panel at the front of the fridge, and a covered egg shelf, which nicely accompanies its other shelves of varying heights. A true bargain!

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Ok, so this last one is a bit over $500, but it's too good not to share! One of the best things about this counter-depth refrigerator is that both the fridge and freezer doors are reversible. So if your counters get in the way or the flow of your kitchen doesn't fit with the unit having its doors on one side, you can simply switch them around. With 7.3 cubic feet of storage, this is also on the big side for mini fridges, making it more than worth the couple extra bucks.