The One Accessory That Every Dyson Owner Needs (and It’s Only $10!)

published Nov 29, 2023
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About two weeks ago, I used a Dyson stick vacuum for the first time (What can I say, I’m loyal to my Shark.) I was visiting a friend and after a dinner party, I stayed behind to help clean up. That’s when I noticed a fair amount of crumbs beneath the table, reached for her Dyson stylishly perched in the corner, and thought to myself, “Let’s see what this vacuum is all about.” Reader, I get it. Not only is the Dyson a gorgeous vacuum, it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and incredibly powerful. However, there was one gripe I had with it: the power button.

As I powered the vacuum on, I was shocked to learn that the power button features a trigger mechanism that you have to hold down to power the entire time you’re using it. After a couple of minutes of cleaning, my wrist really started to bother me (Disclaimer: I have carpal tunnel syndrome so my wrist is very delicate). After confirming with my friend that, yes, I was using the vacuum correctly I thought to myself, “There’s got to be a way to fix this.” Well, dear reader, there is: The REEYEAR Dyson Power Button Trigger Lock.

What is the REEYEAR Dyson Power Button Trigger Lock?

This tiny, easy-to-install tool is the accessory Dyson owners never knew they needed. Here’s how it works: start by slipping the REEYEAR Dyson Power Button Trigger Lock onto the base of the trigger. After you’ve secured it close enough to the power button that it rests in front of the button but not far back enough to turn it on just yet, flip the switch. This gadget essentially acts as a stationary finger, releasing a piece of plastic that holds the power button down for you, bringing relief to you and your hand. Then, all that’s left to do is clean. What a dream!

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What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average rating: 4.3/5 stars

“It is amazing how one tiny object can improve your life. I vacuum nearly every day with my cordless Dyson, and having to hold the power button down has always been a major annoyance and a literal pain in the … hand. This little gadget solved that problem easily. A+ all the way!” — Reading teacher

“Easy to clip on and is a game changer! I considered returning my Dyson v8 when I realized you have to hold the trigger while vacuuming! This is a game changer. Clips on easily and works perfectly! Worth it! Buy it!” — P. Perez

“Perfect! Easy to install and works well so that you do not have to hold down the Dyson button all the time. It does stay out of the way pretty well that if you want to still just hold down the button you can. Easy to put on and take off. Definitely recommend!” — HL

Ready to say goodbye to achy hands for good? The REEYEAR Dyson Power Button Trigger Lock comes in at just $10 making it an accessory Dyson owners quite literally can’t afford to live without. So whether it’s for you or a Dyson lover you know, this accessory is one I feel confident in calling a guaranteed crowdpleaser. Let’s just say I know what I’m putting in a couple of friends’ stockings this year.

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