6 Design Ideas to Steal from Reese Witherspoon’s Stunning Sage Kitchen

published Oct 22, 2023
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Reese Witherspoon headshot
Credit: Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images; Design: The Kitchn

Reese Witherspoon is always one step ahead. Whether the 47-year-old is acting, producing, or recommending our next favorite book, she always knows what we’re missing before we do — and yes, especially when it comes to home design. 

The Louisiana native’s interiors are as iconic as her roles. Fans are often exposed (via Instagram) to her property portfolio — including an $18 million Nashville estate and a $5 million Brentwood ranch — and while we love every room we’ve seen, we can’t keep our eyes off her kitchen. Instead of white kitchen backsplashes and stainless steel appliances, the multi-hyphenate icon gravitates towards earthier tones, light woods, and casual fabrics to create a warm and inviting aesthetic reminiscent of her own personality. In truth, it’s one perfect detail after another, and if you’re left wanting to recreate this same vibe in your own home, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. 

From the right shade of gray-green paint to affordable cabinet knobs, here are six design ideas to steal from Reese Witherspoon for your own kitchen.

1. Start with your cabinets.

Reese gravitates toward a green-gray sage hue for her kitchen cabinets. The bolder, more daring tone still provides all the same allure and appeal that we love with a traditional gray, but adds a bit more pizzazz; it’s a bolder twist with instant sophistication. 

2. Be bold with beadboard.

The Morning Show actress creates cohesiveness and balance by adding the same warm and earthy gray-green to her kitchen backsplash. However, she takes it up a notch, adding some texture with beadboard — the lines flow seamlessly and lead the eye from the cabinets to the countertops.

3. Accentuate with accessories 

Follow Reese’s lead by swapping outdated cabinet knobs and handles and upgrading them with a honey brass version. This inexpensive DIY hack instantly elevates cabinets and can be done quickly with little effort and expertise. Take this set of knobs, for example: Not only do they perfectly emulate Reese’s aesthetic, but the assembly process is straightforward (all that’s required is a screwdriver and screws). 

4. Choose copper. 

Tea-lovers know you don’t just need a tea kettle — you need the best tea kettle. Fortunately, Reese has offered a suitable selection: a copper tea kettle. It’s a nice departure from the traditional stainless steel version most opt for. Plus, leave it on the stove, and it’ll double as decor! Splurge for this one that is a near-dupe for the one on her stove, or try this affordable version that’ll also get the job done. 

5. Go back to basics. 

A great word to describe Reese’s kitchen? Balanced — and her kitchen countertops speak specifically to that. She opts for a traditional black countertop, and while it isn’t exactly a novel idea, it most certainly brings the space together. It allows all the tiny details, from the textured beadboard to the honey brass knobs, to stand out without competition. However, in true Reese fashion, she takes this one step further and has that same black material extend off the kitchen countertops and up onto the walls; this way, the entire kitchen looks, you guessed it, balanced. 

6. Stock up on the essentials. 

Any Whiskey in a Teacup reader will know that Reese loves to host. Her hand is always raised high in support of having guests over, which means she needs plates. Instead of having one or two additional plates on tap, stock your cabinets with various styles and sizes. It’ll streamline entertaining and make even your weekday meals easier (and more fun!). 

For example, a clean and crisp white set like this channels the same minimalistic style in Reese’s cabinets. Plus, they’re affordable! 

What else do you love about Reese’s kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!