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Ree Drummond Makes Fried Eggs in the Most Unusual Way

published Nov 25, 2017
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Everyone has their tried-and-true method for making perfect fried eggs. Some people might cook them in pork fat, while others might add a lid to steam the tops to set them to perfection. There are people who like loading on the butter, and there are people who like olive oil for crispy edges. There are also people who swear by only using Grandma’s cast iron skillet for the most awesome, eggy goodness.

But Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, has a method we’ve yet to hear about anyone doing. It might sound strange at first, but her technique is intriguing and something I need to try out immediately. Have you tried this?

Ree Drummond uses canola oil to make her fried eggs. Yes! Shockingly, there’s no butter or bacon fat anywhere to be found in this recipe. Her method is pretty simple, but a couple of her techniques might be new to you.

Get the recipe: Perfect Fried Egg from Ree Drummond on The Food Network

The first step is to heat canola oil in a pan. She makes sure there is enough oil in the pan to tip it slightly and then baste the oil over the egg with a spoon. This makes sure the white part of the egg is completely set, apparently. When the egg is about to finish cooking, you spoon a little oil over the yolk as well. Her final tip is to make sure you transfer your eggs to a paper towel to soak up the excess oil before serving.

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