Ree Drummond Stocks Her Freezer with These Homemade Treats

Ree Drummond Stocks Her Freezer with These Homemade Treats

Elizabeth Licata
Jul 24, 2018
(Image credit: Courtesy of Food Network)

Ree Drummond's house is basically Candy Land, but Queen Frostine never had anything like the next-level ice cream sandwiches the Pioneer Woman keeps in her freezer. Where most people would buy ice cream sandwiches at the store, Ree goes the extra mile and makes them herself with glazed doughnuts, sprinkles, and chocolate drizzle. They're really something to see.

"There is absolutely zero excuse for them!" she said gleefully on Instagram, with the dancing-lady emoji to help illustrate her jubilation.

Ree introduced the sandwiches on a recent episode of her Food Network show, and she said she likes to keep them around in her freezer for a summer snack. It must be amazing to be in the Pioneer Woman's house. Last week I found a roll of Thin Mints in the freezer while I was house-sitting, and I felt like I'd struck gold. If I were looking for ice cubes and found these instead, I think it'd be like finally getting that Hogwarts letter.

These ice cream sandwiches look fancy, but they're easy to make. Ree starts with glazed doughnuts from the store, then cuts them in half and stuffs them with salted caramel ice cream. She makes them Instagram-ready by rolling them in sprinkles and drizzling them with melted chocolate.

They have to go in the freezer for four hours after that, so the ice cream firms up and it fuses together into a cohesive sandwich. At that point they're ready to eat (or save for later).

There are a lot of variations you can make with this recipe. Personally, I'm daydreaming about chocolate-glazed doughnuts with strawberry ice cream in the middle. It would be so great to feel one of those annoying late-night sugar cravings come on, and then realize you have a secret stash of these in the freezer.

The most impressive part about these sandwiches is the fact that Ree's teenage kids don't eat them all immediately. How on earth does she keep something like doughnut ice cream sandwiches in her freezer for more than 20 minutes with that many kids around? Maybe the secret is to get a really big freezer and make so many that you can't possibly run out. Sounds like a plan to me.

What do you think of Ree Drummond's doughnut ice cream sandwiches?

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