“I Will Die on This Hill.” Redditors Share Their Most Controversial Culinary Hot Takes.

updated Feb 24, 2021
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Credit: Leela Cyd

Boy, do we ever love a Reddit survey on random food stuff. It’s given us “weird but life-changing” tips, and the things we all need to stop doing in the kitchen. This month, the question on everyone’s mind is “What’s your culinary hot take?”

The original poster started by expressing a willingness to die on the “canned tomatoes are better than fresh for tomato sauce” hill, a take that’s mostly accepted amongst people who love cooking. A far spicier take came in the comments, where someone says “the most fresh, perfect, in season, plump, vine ripened tomatoes, will ALWAYS taste better cooked (particularly roasted) than they do raw to many people.”

The tomato argument gets batted back and forth quite a bit, but another common theme in the thread is hating on cake: “Cake is the single most boring dessert that it’s possible to create,” says one poster, while others add that “Pie is better than cake,” and “Cake is not good. Even good cake is not that good. Doesn’t matter what flavor.”

Other flavor opinions include that “dry spices are just as acceptable as fresh,” “No meat recipe is complete without a dash of cinnamon,” and “The best fresh herb for a pizza is not basil but tarragon.” And in one of the few very original ones, a poster posits that eggs are not only a condiment, but “a condiment for everything.”

Whoever wrote this pile of words probably deserves a column dedicated to their thoughts — or at least a popular Twitter feed: “Ranch is just blue cheese dressing for cowards. Fruit goes on pizza. A hot dog isn’t a sandwich, it’s a taco. Everything bagel seasoning is America’s answer to za’atar.”

Some of the more technical hot takes might have been better served with a little bit more explanation, like “Frozen tuna is perfectly fine for sushi,” and “Cooking rice in lots of water and straining it in a sieve or colander produces perfectly good rice no matter what Uncle Roger thinks.”

Finally, some of these just get sassy, and we love to see it:  “Your co-workers are just being nice when they say they like your chili at the potluck when your recipe amounts to throwing together a can of kidney beans, whole jar of pace picante, and grainy dry beef (if we are lucky).”

What’s your more controversial culinary hot take? Let us know in the comments.