Man Gets Mad at Wife for Not Making Him a Vegetarian Meal When She’s Sick, Internet Responds Accordingly

updated Oct 15, 2019
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On Reddit’s popular “Am I the Asshole?” forum, users can post their grievances with friends, lovers, and family up on the internet for the connected world to pass judgement on which party is in the wrong. Most posts fit neatly into one of three categories: guys who can’t hide that they are the jerks despite an obviously generous description of events, women who put up with the jerks, and, the best kind, in which both people are such horrific people that it’s difficult to believe such humans exist. The most recent AITA to go viral is a perfect example of the first one — rendered in a home kitchen.

“AITA for not wanting my wife to make her favorite comfort food?” asks the user. If you’re already answering, “Yes, you are,” not only are you correct, but in the description and ensuing thread, he also manages to make it even worse.

In short, his wife of four years is having a terrible time with an endometriosis flareup and it’s been quite cold and rainy, so she wanted to make some Bolognese. He, however, is a vegetarian who doesn’t know how to do any form of cooking beyond opening a can. While she normally only cooks things they both eat, he is throwing this online hissy fit because she wasn’t willing to leave the meat out of the sauce until the last minute or make something different. “I felt like I was being cheated out of a nice meal of her incredible cooking.”

Ground beef and other ingredients are expensive, he complains. But lest you think that maybe the fact that he kept bringing up things like money, budget, and his role as “head of household,” means that this was a jerky move of only the financial kind, down thread he admits that she makes more money than him, it’s just that he “makes sure our large expenses get paid.” 

Congratulations, sir, you — who can’t make your own dinner for a single night while your wife tries to nurse her own self through a painful experience — are, in fact, the biggest jerk.