Reddit Users Planning a 5-Year-Old’s Birthday Will Warm Your Heart

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Pinterest is full of aspirational kids’ parties with themes like rainbows and Mickey Mouse, and those are darling. But to my mind, nothing is quite as cool or charming as a child’s birthday party with an utterly off-the-wall theme that the kid obviously came up with on their own.

I will never forget the kid whose birthday party theme was a local personal-injury lawyer. One boy even had a Geico Insurance-themed 4th birthday party. And last year a little girl had a Costco-themed birthday party, complete with all the free samples. (If adults can get married at Costco, kids’ birthday parties are fair game.)

So when one Redditor enlisted the help of the Trader Joe’s Reddit community to plan a TJ’s-themed party for a 5-year-old, everyone was super helpful and excited about the idea. “Ideas for a Trader Joe’s party for a child?” a Redditor going by boozerkc wrote. “My kid’s fifth birthday and she loves TJs.”

The Trader Joe’s superfans of Reddit were utterly charmed at the idea of a 5-year-old throwing a Trader Joe’s party, and they had some really good ideas, like Hawaiian shirts and leis for the kids, and a station for coloring and painting Trader Joe’s paper bags to make their own goody bags.

And don’t forget the most important part of a birthday party! Trader Joe’s recently added a massive $7 birthday cake with confetti sprinkles to their offerings, and it sounds like the best thing for a kid’s birthday party.

I also love the idea of incorporating the hidden stuffed animal game that many Trader Joe’s stores participate in. You could hide a couple stuffed animals around the house and give prizes to the kids who find them. That’s at least one party game taken care of!

What’s your favorite birthday party theme?