Reddit Just Revealed the Recipe to Costco’s Famous Chicken Bakes

published Feb 12, 2018
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Recently a thread on Reddit asked users to share what products are identical to a brand name, but with a different label. The most surprising thing to come out of this conversation, however, was when a user claiming to be a Costco food court employee said that the frozen chicken bakes sold in the Costco warehouse are nothing like the famous chicken bakes at the Costco food court.

If you’ve ever tried the famous chicken bakes at the Costco food court, you know what a big deal this is.

“As someone that used to work in the food court at Costco, I will tell you that the frozen chicken bakes they sell are not anywhere near the same as the ones that we made at the food court,” wrote a user going by ricecracker420. “Food court ones are superior in every way.”

The promise of a Costco employee with secret knowledge of chicken bakes was too much for Reddit to bear, and ricecracker420 was inundated with so many messages that the original post was updated and now includes actual instructions about how to make a Costco chicken bake, from a former food court employee.

How to Make a Chicken Bake

Pizza dough
Caesar dressing lightly brushed on the interior
Precooked chicken breast
Bacon bits
Pizza cheese
Roll into tube and pinch ends
Brush Caesar on top sprinkle more pizza cheese
Bake in 600°F oven for 6 minutes
or like 350 until golden brown
Enjoy while the cheese can still torch your tongue
Optional: add red pepper flakes in with the cheese chicken bacon mix

According to Ricecracker420, you can make a Costco chicken bake at home by taking pizza dough and brushing it with Caesar salad dressing, then adding pre-cooked chicken breast, bacon bits, and pizza cheese, and rolling the dough into a tube and pinching the ends closed. Then just brush it with a bit more Caesar salad dressing, sprinkle it with a bit of pizza cheese, and bake it.

“Bake in 600 degree oven for 6 minutes, or like 350 until golden brown,” Ricecracker420 explained.

Ricecracker420 deserves a medal for this. Sharing the Costco chicken bake recipe is a public service. Everybody loves Costco’s chicken bakes, but there’s never been an easy way to get them without going to Costco. Everybody says the frozen ones don’t taste the same, so the only way to get them is from the food court. That’s all well and good on Costco days, but it leaves us all empty-handed when we want a Costco chicken bake at home. But now we can have Costco chicken bakes whenever we want, with red pepper inside and everything.

What do you think of Costco’s chicken bakes?