The Simple-Yet-Brilliant Reddit Hack That’ll Double the Space in Your Microwave

published Jul 30, 2019
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

Okay, there may be bigger problems in life than not being able to microwave two bowls at the same time. But it’s still a WHAT? moment when you learn that, in fact, you can zap both bowls of whatever yummy leftovers you’re having at once. No more letting one get cold while the other one heats, or playing musical chairs (microwave edition) trying to keep both warm for serving. Yes, there is a way to get both bowls heated at the same time.

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

As is often the case, this life hack comes to us courtesy of Reddit. Are you ready for this? Once you see it you’ll wonder how it wasn’t always obvious that this is the trick. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

You put one bowl in, and then (drumroll, please!) you put a coffee cup next to it and just stack the second bowl on top. Boom! 

Suddenly you have room for two bowls. The trouble, see, is that the top part of the bowls are too wide to sit side by side unless, I don’t know, you have a ginormous microwave or you’re using small bowls. But if you can elevate one of the bowls, suddenly you only have to put the (much smaller) mug next to the other bowl.

So does it work? I had to try. And I can say yes … with some qualifications. 

My microwave is possibly the smallest one available, dorm size, probably, because we rarely use it and it’s tucked back in our pantry atop our dogs’ mini-fridge (yes, that’s a whole other story). So two big bowls are never going to fit no matter what Reddit trickery I employ. Two medium-sized bowls, however, will just fit — so long as they’re matched with the right coffee cup. 

I tested it out by putting the bowls side by side. Yep, one stuck out so the door couldn’t close. Then I got my trusty little mug and set the second bowl on it, closed the door, gave it a whirl, and around they went!

To be honest, I probably spent more time checking bowl bottoms against mug tops than it would have taken to microwave my two bowls of fill-in-the-blank. But once you know the right pairing, you’re good from now on. 

Now, it hopefully goes without saying (but I will) that you should be careful with this. Make sure the bowl is sitting securely. Maybe test it with a splash of water the first time, and not with, say, brimming bowls of soup. And make sure it can do a full rotation before committing. 

Once you know it’ll work, dual microwaving will never be the same! I can see this working for two saucers, two freezer meals — really just about anything with a flat bottom. Thanks for always being there, Reddit.