A Reddit User Has the Most Brilliant Hack for Your Chinese Takeout Containers

updated Oct 23, 2019
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My husband and I spend an inordinate amount of time removing the metal handles from the cardboard containers that come in our Chinese takeout orders. See, we like rice in our house and we like it hot, so we almost always microwave it for a few seconds, which means we’ve got to remove the metal first. (Because metal in microwaves is bad!) We usually just pull the handles off and toss them aside, thinking nothing of them. But I just saw this Reddit post that has me wishing we held on to one or two of them. (Luckily, we order Chinese food on a fairly regular basis, so I’m sure I’ll have the chance to stock up soon!)

Are you ready?

This Redditor repurposed a container’s metal handle as a hanger for the plastic cap on a mega-sized bottle of laundry detergent. (Just use a nail to poke two holes in the cap and thread the handle through.) If you’ve ever bought this economy-sized bottle, you know how incredibly annoying it can be. If you put the cap on and store the bottle on its side (as pictured), the spout will undoubtably leak and cause a mess the next time you pull the cap off. And while some other Reddit users suggested storing the bottle upright (with the spout at the top), that can be unwieldy when it’s time to get the bottle down to dispense a dose. So this tip really is super smart. The cap can hang from the spout and catch any drips. Then, when you’re doing laundry, just fill the cap and take the whole thing off to pour into your machine. No mess (and no wasting laundry detergent!)

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