Reddit Users Share Their Best Secret Ingredients in the Kitchen

updated Oct 22, 2019
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Usually we turn to pro home cooks and beloved Food Network stars for tips on secret ingredients that turn a basic recipe into a total crowd pleaser. But Reddit users actually know what’s going on in the kitchen, too. And recently there was quite the Reddit discussion on the best go-to “secret sauce” items that elevate the flavors in favorite home-cooked dishes. I think you’ll find their answers quite helpful!

One of the top suggestions in the thread was for using garam masala in unusual ways. “I make liberal use of garam masala in dishes that are in no way Indian. Tomato sauces? Sure. Breakfast egg dishes? You bet.” Other Redditors chimed in and said this was also their secret ingredient in the kitchen, and many people recommended trying it in pumpkin soup, tomato soup, and even coffee.

Another popular suggestion was nutritional yeast. “Nutritional yeast has a mild nutty flavor with a hint of cheese in my opinion. I find it adds an umami flavor to dishes and is also good as a topping for pretty much anything like popcorn, veggies, baked potatoes, sprinkled on buttered toast, etc.” Many commenters echoed that they put nutritional yeast on popcorn and roasted vegetables.

A couple commenters also mentioned Better than Bouillon paste, which they use instead of stock. “Better than Bouillon is my favorite thing to add into dishes! It’s got way more flavor than any stock I’ve ever used.” Another Redditor said they use it when roasting potatoes to add more flavor. Smart, right?

Another wildly popular suggestion was smoked paprika, although many people mentioned that the quality of the smoked paprika is very important here. “Paprika changed my egg game. I’ve always been meh on eggs. [But then] a couple weeks ago I was looking at my seasonings to see what would work. I grabbed my usual: salt, pepper, garlic. Then on a whim decided to try paprika. It works!”

There are plenty of other suggestions to try out in the kitchen according to the post, including roasted garlic (of course!), nutmeg, taco seasoning, cocoa powder, and mixed fats (hello, keto). To see them all and get inspired, scroll through the thread on Reddit and then add your own idea!