Here’s How One Brilliant Woman Turned a Red Wine Stain into a Fashion Statement

updated Jul 23, 2019
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Although we would never consider giving it up, there are a few inescapable pitfalls to drinking red wine — namely that it’s a glass full of permanent stains waiting to happen. It also turns your teeth burgundy. If it splatters on your carpet, you better get ready to scrub. And if it gets on your white clothes? Game over. Just ask Mia Williamson. She and her friend El recently learned that once you stain your white outfit with red wine, there’s no going back to the way things were. Luckily, the quick-thinking fashionista came up with a creative solution for salvaging her friend’s stained outfit, and it involved a lot more wine. 

El and Mia were drinking at an event when El rushed to her friend’s side with a problem: Someone had sloshed wine all over her crisp white outfit (a tank top paired with sleek flared pants). The women convened in the bathroom, where they had to think fast to salvage the situation. El could have retreated back home in her stained clothes, sulking in the back of a cab. But no — she wasn’t about to let her day be ruined. So the pair set to work, actually pouring more wine on the outfit to create a whole new look.

The result is basically a new outfit: The top has a faded magenta hue from the dried wine, while the pants have a totally purposeful looking tie-dye pattern. El looks great in her new outfit, and I hope the pair reclaimed their day and continued on with their adventures. 

There are just a few lingering questions: Did the women pour wine on the outfit while El was still wearing it or did she have to strip down in a public bathroom? If the former, did she end up wet and sticky (and smelling like a bar) from all the wine being poured on her? Or did she have to wait in a closed stall in her underwear while the wine dried? In that case, she probably needed a little wine to give her some courage.  

Also, where did all this extra wine come from? Did they have to purchase multiple glasses or even an entire bottle? At that point, the expense seems a little extreme. Part of me thinks she would have been better off running home to change, or wearing it for the rest of the night and simply laughing off the stains to anyone who asked. 

Anyway, it’s probably best to not overthink this ingenious design hack. We love red wine for a reason, right? With the right outlook, wine can improve everything — even our outfits.