Red Wine Brownies Exist (and They’re Amazing)

(Image credit: Broma Bakery)

You guys already know how we feel about the beautiful combination of red wine and chocolate here at Kitchn. And while red wine hot chocolate is definitely something to put on your must-make list, these red wine brownies are right up there with it.

While putting wine in your brownies might seem like a gimmick, trust me when I say that these rich, fudgy brownies will not disappoint — they are absolutely the real deal.

You’ve probably nibbled on a square or two of dark chocolate while sipping a glass of red wine after dinner (if you haven’t, I highly suggest you try it some time), but with these brownies you get your red wine and your chocolate all in one irresistible treat. They’re the very definition of “the best of both worlds.”

But red wine isn’t the only special ingredient in these brownies. The author, Sarah Fennel, notes that she uses less butter than most brownie recipes call for and instead ups the amount of bittersweet chocolate added. She also uses brown sugar because it “adds a wonderful warmth that you just don’t get with granulated sugar.” Using a high-quality cocoa powder here also makes all the difference.

Ready to make these brownies? Great. You’ll need to melt butter first, and then stir in the chopped chocolate. Then you beat the butter-chocolate mixture with the brown sugar and then eggs. Then you mix in the cocoa powder, flour, salt, vanilla extract, and wine. Pour the batter into a baking pan and bake for about 40 minutes (I know, it’s cruel to have to wait that long).

This is the perfect dessert to serve at your next girls’ night, or to keep on hand for when you’ve got a hankering for both chocolate and wine.

Get the Recipe: Red Wine Brownies from Broma Bakery

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