Patriotic Cakes (and a Pie!) for the Fourth of July

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Don’t worry, we’re going to get to the traditional flag cake. It’s a classic! And so easy and festive. But first, how gorgeous is this patriotic layered cake? It’s from Bree at Baked Bree, and we think it’s stunning.

Bree’s cake is a riff on the super epic rainbow cake that Whisk Kid made (blog) famous. It is definitely more labor-intensive than decorating a sheet cake with strawberries and blueberries. But it really lights our fireworks, if you know what we’re saying…

1. Layered Flag Cake, at Baked Bree

2. Big Star, No Stripes, from The Kitchn

3. Old Glory Cherry-Blueberry Pie, from Sunset

4. Traditional Flag Cake, from Ina Garten

5. Fruit Flag!, from The Kitchn (via Flickr)

(Images: Bree Hester; Holland Burns; James Carrier/Sunset;; Flickr member randysonofrobert)