Red Rice, Licorice Chocolate, and Violet Mustard: Zingerman’s Great Unknowns

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week we blogged Zingerman’s, a deli and purveyor of fine foods in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We really like their homegrown approach and locally-owned flavor, but we also love their excellent taste for unusual foods. Zingerman’s has a frequently updated list of rare and exotic foods that they think we should try. They call their list The Great Unknowns and we are giving you a few of our favorites below the jump

Camargue Rice – Rare red rice from France. We’ve never had rice from France, let alone red rice. This is supposed to be nutty and fresh.

Licorice Chocolate Bar – Figs, hot pepper and licorice are apparently the three cornerstones of Calabrian food. This licorice chocolate is from Calabria, then, with dark chocolate and that licorice flavor we love.

Violet Mustard – Along with walnut mustard and cognac mustard, a trio of flavored mustards from France. What would you do with violet mustard?

See entire list of The Great Unknowns – Old favorites, new stars, and a few things that defy classification.

(Images: Zingerman’s)