Recommendations for a Non-Plastic Water Pitcher with Filter?

updated May 30, 2019
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Q: I am searching for a plastic-free water pitcher (ideally), or something like it. The only apartment-sized solution I’ve found is by Berkey, but it would probably hog too much space in my NYC kitchen, and seems a little clunky and less user-friendly than a pitcher. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve seen the SOMA (beautiful) filter on Kickstarter, but can’t buy that yet.

I am currently using the Reduce Vision pitcher (have used with both their own filters and those from Brita) but: (1) it is probably 1/3 plastic, mainly the part that houses the filter, and (2) the water seems to leak around the filter, defeating the purpose. Thanks in advance!

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Editor: Here are some links to the water pitchers with filters Shirin mentions:

Readers, do you have a plastic-free water pitcher that you like and recommend?

(Image: SOMA)