Recommendations for a New Year’s Cleanse Diet?

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Q: Oh the holiday meals have been so yummy — and rich, and abundant — I’m ready to start the new year off to a healthy fresh start.

Do you have any suggestions for a short New Year’s cleanse diet? I’d love to know! Thanks so much!

Sent by Ali

Editor: Ali, we don’t have a lot to say on the topics of diet and health (we try not to dispense much health advice; we’re not experts!!). But personally, I do love drinking soup for a few days in the first week of the new year. And it’s Soup Week, so the timing is perfect! By soup, I really mean broth. I love a few days of straight broth for lunch and maybe dinner too; it’s not sweet, like juice, and there is a little protein in chicken and beef broth. And yet fills you up without making you feel too full.

Readers, any tips or thoughts on a diet for getting refreshed in the new year?

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