Everyone Who Makes This Skillet Dinner Says They'll "Definitely Make It Again"Recipes
If you’re new to cooking with cabbage (or steadfast skeptic), I encourage you to give this kielbasa and cabbage one-skillet dinner a try. Watch the crunchy crucifer turn tender, golden, and buttery alongside smoky sliced sausage and a sprinkle of caraway seeds, and you’ll be hooked. And since apples and mustard are classic accompaniments to both kielbasa and cabbage, finish this 30-minute meal with a splash of sweet and tangy apple cider vinegar and whole-grain mustard.
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Tender, thinly-sliced short ribs and caramelized onions are mixed with cheese, stuffed into bell peppers, and broiled for an easy low-carb dinner.
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This no-nonsense meal plan will leave your taste buds happy and your kitchen with minimal mess.
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If you're looking to cut down on carbs and load up on protein, these dinners are for you.
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7 Ways to Eat a Low-Carb Keto LunchRecipes
When it comes to lunch on a ketogenic diet, you have a whole lot of flavorful, filling options to choose from. Yes, sandwiches are off the table, but you can improvise with lettuce wraps! There are countless variations of salads, soups, and other bowl foods as well. Here are seven great ideas to get you excited. Break out your spiralizer or simply pick up a container of zoodles at the grocery store and create easy veggie noodle bowls.
May 1, 2019