Recipes Using Oatmeal in Savory Dishes? Good Questions

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Q:I was wondering if anyone ever used oatmeal (ground or not) for baked savory things like casseroles or gratins. I figure it would be a good filler or replacement for other ingredients. I can’t find any recipes where people have done that but I would like to hear some opinions on it.

Sent by Candice

Editor: Candice, what a great idea! We definitely agree that oatmeal could make an interesting ingredient in savory dishes. Steel-cut oats, in particular, would give a consistency similar to polenta.

We’d start by substituting oatmeal in recipes that already use grains or bread crumbs as a thickener or binder. Look at recipes like meatloaf, holiday stuffing, or maybe even our favorite mushroom casserole. Old-fashioned rolled oats and quick-cooking oats probably don’t need to be cooked before being used, but slower-cooking steel-cut oats should.

Readers, what do the rest of you think?

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