Recipes To Make While Standing On One Foot

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Earlier in the week I took a nasty fall in the hallway of our building and have landed myself in a cast with crutches and a walker. It’s as awesome as you think it is and as my husband and I have been adjusting me being slightly immobilized, we’ve decided to take this weekend and cook ahead, but we need your help!

My husband and I never seem to stop moving, be it for work or play, but even though it felt as though we had little time to cook before, now I’ll have even less time in the kitchen. Being able to stand on one leg only lasts so long before you need a break to regain some strength and energy.

Usually in our kitchen, we’re big into meals that are quick to prepare without turning to boxes, mixes or bagged goods. Although that sounds great, many of these foods don’t lend themselves to easy preparation on one foot. As much as I’d like to say I’m a balancing ninja or flamingo — I’m just not. So gimping around the kitchen is going to take some getting used to.

I’ll still be in charge of dinner preparations for our home (my poor husband has been stuck with every other chore our household has to offer) and I’m looking for ideas of things that I can prepare ahead of time and freeze off, or make in pieces that will last through the week to be used in multiple dishes. My parents have graciously accepted my plea to come help me prepare things this weekend and we’re wondering if you’ve ever had a similar issue in your home? A broken leg? A fractured foot? What meals got you through the rough times of hopping through your kitchen, praying you don’t bang your foot on the dishwasher.

Our Kitchn archives are packed with ideas and ways to get started, here’s a few of our favorites we’ll be looking to test out:

Do you have an easy recipe to prepare ahead of time that doesn’t a lot of prep work? We’d love to hear them, as the thought of another peanut butter sandwich or fried egg isn’t a pretty one!

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