Recipe To Try: Elderflower Fritters

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In yesterday’s post about elderberries, a reader commented that you can batter and fry the aromatic flowers. Incidentally, the Guardian just posted a recipe for elderflower fritters, which they dub “the perfect summertime dessert.” Do you have elderflowers you can forage for in your area? Have you ever cooked with them?

We must admit, the idea of submerging the beautiful white flowers in batter and oil didn’t appeal to us initially. But this does seem to be a popular way to prepare them, so we’re willing to give it a try! In the Guardian recipe, the cook mixed grappa into the batter and dusted the flowers with confectioner’s sugar.

Get the recipe: Elderflower fritters

In a few other variations, Fingers and Toes suggests drizzling honey over the crunchy blossoms, while Good Food Channel pairs them with Greek yogurt. Meanwhile, Dinner for One turns them into pancakes.

(Images: Emily Ho, Guardian)