Recipe Roundup: Fresh Limeade for Summer

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have a big bowl of limes sitting on our countertop right now (the result of not paying attention to what you have before buying more at the grocery store), and we’re thinking of creating a scene like the one above. Bald, hollowed-out limes for fresh limeade, a great, green alternative to lemonade

Limeade is nothing more than fresh lime juice and a basic simple syrup, and if you like limes, it’s great just like that. But most people can’t leave well enough alone and add all kinds of other fruit flavors to the basic lime base.

Sonic and its famous Cherry Limeade has something to do with that.

Here are a bunch of recipes for making limeade—first, the no-frills version, then a few flavored combinations. Add some club soda to make it a fun, fizzy, non-alcoholic cocktail.

Straight-Up Limeade:
Limeade, from Cooking for Engineers
Fresh Limeade, from CD Kitchen

Flavored Variations:
Blackberry Limeade, from 101 Cookbooks
Cranberry Limeade, from Simply Recipes
Watermelon and Ginger Limeade, from Food & Wine
Cherry Limeade, from the Cooking Photographer

(Image: Flickr member quinn.anya, licensed for use under Creative Commons)