Chicken Dumpling to French Onion: 12 Classic Soups

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What is the most classic soup, in your opinion? Chicken soup with dumplings? French onion? A good chowder? Here are 12 examples of these basic soups plus some other indispensable recipes. We’ll be branching out and doing other sorts of soups during Soup Week, but first, take a look back at these classics.

• 1 Quick and Easy Black Bean Soup – Black bean soup is one of the easiest, quickest soups we know how to make. It’s also super-convenient; you can use canned black beans, canned tomatoes, and vegetable scraps from the refrigerator to make a very good soup.
• 2 New England Fish Chowder – This chowder leaves out the clams, but has plenty of sweet, milky flavor and lots of fresh fish.
• 3 Chili Con Carne – Honestly, what’s more comforting than a thick bowl of hearty homemade chili?
• 4 Split Pea Soup – So much better homemade! All that split pea goodness…
• 5 French Onion Soup – This is so easy to make at home. It doesn’t need to be a restaurant-only treat!

• 6 Egyptian Tomato Soup – Add grilled cheese and you’re set.
• 7 Chicken Soup with Herb Dumplings – A recipe with two versions: you can make it fast, or make it slow.
• 8 Borscht – A sweet and scarlet bowl of borscht is very nourishing on a grey day.
• 9 Beef and Barley Stew with Mushrooms – I love this soup. It carries rich memories of childhood, and sledding on snowy days.
• 10 Mushroom Soup – A simple mushroom with a lot of flavor.

• 11 Miso Soup – Elemental, and so satisfying with its sweet and savory flavors.
• 12 Potato Leek Soup – More of a template than a recipe, this soup can be made with any amount of leeks or potatoes. Just start cooking and see where you end up.

What is your favorite classic soup? Anything we missed here?

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