Recipe Roundup: 15 Dishes To Dole Out On Labor Day

(Image credit: Flickr member House of Sims licensed under Creative Commons, Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, Faith Durand, Sarah Rae Trover)

We always say we’re going to make fabulous things for holiday parties with family and friends. Our heads are filled with meats that are stuffed, desserts that are tart and drinks that are cool and refreshing. But when push comes to shove, we’re usually too busy to go all out, but if we can find time for just one of these 15 recipes, we know our table will be a quite a feast!

We rounded up 3 mouth watering ideas for each different facet of a meal. Try making them all, or mixing and matching as your budget and availability of ingredients sees fit!

Recipes Pictured Above Are Bolded Below