Recipe Review: Grapefruit Ginger Tea Bread

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Two things that really keep us going during the snowy winter months are tea and citrus fruit. Naturally, we had to try this recipe. It’s a quick bread filled with fresh grapefruit, nuts and just enough sweetness – the perfect pair to a hot cup of tea.

The recipe comes from Vegetarian Times and, first off, we’ll just say that ours looked nothing like the bread in their photograph. We’re wondering if the bread they pictured was actually made with this recipe because it’s quite dark, as if it were made with molasses, which isn’t one of the ingredients.

But none of that really matters because what we ended up with was quite tasty.

The recipe calls for white whole wheat flour, which we found at Trader Joe’s as part of their relatively new house flour line. We did notice a slight taste of bran in the bread, but the texture wasn’t too heavy.

The grapefruit flavor comes in three ways: segmented pieces that are coarsely chopped along with a bit of grapefruit zest in the batter, and a glaze made with reserved grapefruit juice. It all pairs nicely with the ginger and nuts, and makes for a nice treat that’s full of great winter flavors but isn’t too heavy.

(Image: Joanna Miller)