Recipe Revamp: Cheddar Olives Become Black-Eyed Susans

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Has anyone tried our recipe for Cheddar Olives? Perhaps for a cocktail party? Well, we were at a wedding a few weeks ago, where they passed around something called a Black-Eyed Susan. We recognized the crust as something very, very similar to that of the Cheddar Olives, but the inside was a surprise…

Black-Eyed Susans have chunks of dates in the center instead of olives. The sweet and salty combination was delicious, and the name was perfect — since black-eyed susans are bright yellow wildflowers with dark brown centers.

We love versatile recipes that lend themselves to more than one incarnation. We haven’t had a chance to try Black-Eyed Susans yet, but if you’re planning a party and want an alternative to olives, we can vouch that the date-and-cheese combo works.

Several of you were familiar with Cheddar Olives and already had them in your appetizer rotation. Has anyone ever heard of Black Eyed Susans? Tried them? Let us know.

Here’s the original Cheddar Olives recipe.

(Image: Nina Callaway)