Recipe Report: Weight Watcher’s Glazed Pear Muffins

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few of you were curious how these glazed pear muffins would taste a few days after the fact, given the lack of sugar, fat, and other ingredients that help delay staling. We froze half of our batch and ate the rest over the course of the week – all in the name of scientific research, of course. Here’s what we thought…

The unfrozen muffins fared surprisingly well! They stayed moist and tender, even several days after baking. By day five, we could tell they were getting pretty stale, but thirty seconds in the microwave was enough to perk them up again.

We took one of the frozen muffins out last night and left it on the counter in a plastic container to thaw. Before microwaving, it was edible but fairly stale and dry. Again, thirty seconds in the microwave brought it back up to standard.

One thing to note: the glaze “melted” into the muffin by the second day. Next time we make this recipe, we think we’ll glaze the muffins individually as we eat them instead. If you’re not so concerned about calories, you can use milk instead of water or increase the ratio of confectioner’s sugar to liquid to get a more firm glaze.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with the discovery of this recipe! Kitchn reader UptownGirl also made these muffins over the weekend and gave them a thumbs up – check out her blog Erin’s Food Files for her review and some great pictures.

Did anyone else get the chance to try this recipe?

(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)