West African Ginger Drink

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With faraway travel in mind this month, we have been watching online videos of the Australian television program “Food Safari,” which takes viewers into multicultural kitchens across the country. We recently tried a recipe from the Africa episode and have found our new favorite summer cooler: West African ginger drink.

Non-alcoholic ginger beverages (sometimes referred to as ginger beer) are popular throughout Africa. This recipe is from a Ghanaian cook and includes a copious amount of ginger root plus lime, peppercorns, and not too much sugar. There’s a definite bite from the ginger and pepper and, served over ice, the drink is incredibly refreshing and energizing. (It can also be served hot and is supposedly a good flu remedy.)

• Get the recipe: West African Ginger Drink from Food Safari

This version is diluted with regular cold water, which is delicious, but we might give sparkling water a try next time.

(Images: Emily Ho)