Healthy Meals That Are Quick to Cook and Easy to Clean Up?

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Q: Our house is on the market so I am trying to keep it clean for showings all the time. With four kids and a dog that is near impossible. When I get a call that someone is coming to see the house, I barely have enough time to clean up after the kids let alone clean up any mess I’ve made in the kitchen. Eating out every day is not an option for the budget or our health so I would love any suggestions you have for healthy meals that require very little mess.

Sent by Neecia

Editor: Neecia, good luck in getting your house sold quickly — it’s so hard to be in limbo like that! Meanwhile, this sounds like a good time for doing your meal prep for the week ahead of time, so you can just reheat meals. Think about things like meatballs, which can be refrigerated or frozen, and big batches of quinoa or pasta, along with some roasted veggies. Cook (and clean) all at once, then warm food up throughout the week.

Readers, what suggestions do you have?

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