Moroccan-Spiced Chickpea Bowls

updated Feb 5, 2020
Moroccan-Spiced Chickpea Bowls

These saucy, spiced chickpea bowls with kale, avocado, and a runny-yolked egg are all the proof you need that comfort food can also be healthy.



Prep5 minutes to 10 minutes

Cook30 minutes to 35 minutes

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Credit: Joe Lingeman

These saucy, spiced chickpea bowls are all the proof you need that comfort food can also be healthy. Chickpeas are braised in a tomato sauce spiced with a medley of cumin, paprika, and cinnamon, and accented with harissa, a North African chile paste that’s both smoky and spicy. A little can go a long way, so if you prefer something a little more mild, use about half the amount of harissa called for in the recipe. The bowl is balanced with a pile of sautéed kale and a cool, minty yogurt sauce.

Meal Prep This Bowl

Everything from the bulgur and saucy chickpeas, to the sautéed kale and yogurt sauce, can be prepped and even assembled in advance. Instead of serving in a bowl, opt for a lidded container, like the kind you use for meal prep (this is our favorite meal prep container!). Portion the bulgur between the containers and add a scoop of the braised chickpeas to each, followed by tender greens, and, if you’ll be eating the bowls in the next day or two, the sliced avocado.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

While poached eggs can certainly be made in advance, soft- or hard-boiled eggs make a nice substitute, as they hold up a bit better. Keep the minty yogurt sauce stored in a separate container and drizzle it over the bowl before heading out in the morning or just before serving.

One of the things I love about this bowl (and all Buddha bowls, really) is how well it lends itself to being made in advance during a weekend meal prep session. Think of it as a gift to your future self, in the form of a nourishing breakfast, a grab-and-go lunch, or dinner that’s ready and waiting for you when you get home from work.

More About Buddha Bowls

The Buddha Bowls cookbook features 100 one-bowl recipes (including plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free bowls!), 13 essential sauce recipes (with variations for each one), and tons of tips and make-ahead moments. It will help you stock your week with wholesome, nourishing meals, get more veggies on the table, and fill your belly with delicious food. The book is available in bookstores and on Amazon.

Moroccan-Spiced Chickpea Bowls

These saucy, spiced chickpea bowls with kale, avocado, and a runny-yolked egg are all the proof you need that comfort food can also be healthy.

Prep time 5 minutes to 10 minutes

Cook time 30 minutes to 35 minutes

Makes 4

Serves 4

Nutritional Info


For the yogurt sauce:

  • 1 cup

    plain Greek yogurt

  • 1/4 cup

    finely chopped fresh mint leaves

  • 1/4 cup


  • 1 tablespoon

    extra-virgin olive oil

  • 1 clove

    garlic, minced

  • Kosher salt

  • Freshly ground black pepper

For the bowls:

  • 3 tablespoons

    avocado oil or extra-virgin olive oil, divided

  • 1/2

    medium onion, diced

  • 2 cloves

    garlic, minced

  • 2 teaspoons

    harissa paste

  • 1 teaspoon

    tomato paste

  • 2 teaspoons

    ground cumin

  • 1 teaspoon


  • 1/2 teaspoon

    ground cinnamon

  • Kosher salt

  • Freshly ground black pepper

  • 2 cups

    cooked chickpeas, drained

  • 1 (14.5-ounce) can

    can diced tomatoes

  • 3/4 cup


  • 8 packed cups

    shredded or chopped kale leaves (about 1 pound)

  • 4

    poached or hard-boiled large eggs

  • 2

    medium avocados, thinly sliced


Make the yogurt sauce:

  1. Place the ingredients in a medium bowl, season with salt and pepper, and whisk until combined.

Make the bowls:

  1. Heat 2 tablespoons of the oil in a large frying pan over medium heat until shimmering. Add the onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until soft and fragrant, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic, harissa, tomato paste, cumin, paprika, and cinnamon, season with salt and pepper, and cook for 2 minutes. Stir in the chickpeas and tomatoes with their juices. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the bulgur.

  2. Place the bulgur, 1 1/2 cups of water, and a generous pinch of salt in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer until tender, 10 to 15 minutes. Fluff with a fork.

  3. Heat the remaining 1 tablespoon oil in a skillet over medium heat until shimmering. Add the kale and season with salt. Cook, stirring occasionally, until wilted and tender, about 5 minutes.

  4. To serve, divide the bulgur between 4 bowls. Divide the chickpea mixture, sautéed kale, and avocado slices over the bulgur. Top each bowl with an egg and drizzle with the yogurt mint sauce.

Recipe Notes

Make ahead: The sauce, chickpea mixture, bulgur, and kale can be made up to 1 day in advance and refrigerated in separate airtight containers.

Storage: Leftovers can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 4 days.

Reprinted with permission from Buddha Bowls by Kelli Foster, copyright (c) 2018. Published by Harvard Common Press.