Recipe: Low Sugar, High Protein, Dairy Free Smoothie

updated Jan 29, 2020
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In our home we face diabetic challenges and issues with dairy. Plus, to be honest, we’re not big breakfast eaters. But that’s not really an option when you need to keep your blood sugar level and some pep in your step! We turn to seasonal fruits (and some occasional veggies), agave and soy to get the job done in a snap!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This recipe serves two healthy portions (12-16oz each) and will last in the fridge for 48 hours if it needs to (although we make it fresh daily). It’s not complicated and is accomplished with little effort or time!

Ingredients Needed:
6oz Silken Tofu (cut into large chunks)
3/4 C. Soy Milk
2 Tbs Agave Nectar
2 C. Fruit (freeze half prior to blending)
1tsp Vanilla extract (optional)

Add soy milk and tofu to blender along with unfrozen fruit (we used pineapple w/juice). Make sure these items are on the bottom will help with a smooth blending process! Next add in frozen fruit (we used strawberries here) and blend. Add agave to taste (start with 1tbsp and go from there) and vanilla if desired. Blend and enjoy!

If you don’t have any fruit that’s frozen (we usually buy/grow in bulk and store in small portions) add a few ice cubes, although that can cause the mixture to be a bit more grainy or loose. Each serving boasts 10+ grams of protein and only natural sugars. The agave helps balance the sugar from the fruit and relieves morning sugar spikes! Plus it doesn’t leave you with the… how shall we put this lightly… “emergency run to the bathroom” that some smoothies can leave you with!

(Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

Use what’s in season and you can never go wrong and it’s a super snap to whip up even when we claim we don’t have time for breakfast! Plus it doesn’t hurt that the tofu is shelf stable and the fruit is mainly frozen, helping us to trim down our perishable grocery list! Don’t be afraid to try different veggies in the mix as well, cucumbers, red peppers and leafy greens are all easy ones to throw in!

(Images: Sarahrae)