Jane’s Curative White Bean Soup

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Well, it’s sort of a recipe; it’s the way a lot of us cook…

“White bean soup recipe is vunderfully easy,” Lisa says of her friend Jane’s soup, “and a simple curative for the cold wind rattling the windows outside.”

Curative White Bean Soup
makes as much as you want it to

chicken stock
cannelini beans
chopped carrots
cannned tomatoes
green beans
a little hot sauce
chopped thyme
chopped rosemary
chopped parsley
parmesan cheese

Bring to a boil and then left to simmer for hours. When the beans are soft, puree about half of it (depending on how much texture you want to remain). At that point, salt and pepper. (Salt beforehand retards the cooking of the beans). Throw on some chopped parsley and grated parmesan cheese right before serving.

(Thanks, Jane and Lisa!)