Recipe Ideas For a Cooking Class For Low-Income Adults?

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Q: I will be teaching a free monthly cooking class for low income adults, mostly men, who have varying levels of skill and interest in cooking. My main goal is easy, healthy meals without the boxed stuff and the sodium and preservatives that come with it.

Our budget is small, and realistically should be because the adults I’ll be teaching don’t have much expendable income to spend on organic, free range, or other high-priced ingredients. I would love suggestions for recipes I could introduce that will be simple, tasty introductions to cooking mostly from scratch.

Sent by Caitlin

Editor: Caitlin, what a great class! I’d recommend dishes that use just a little meat, but make the most of its flavor, such as bean stews or stir-fries. Here are a couple recipes that are simple, budget-friendly and very tasty:

White Bean & Chicken Sausage Stew (you can use canned beans for the sake of time)
Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry

Readers, what recipes would you suggest that are simple, inexpensive and healthy?

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