Recipe: Spicy Grapefruit Guacamole

updated Jan 29, 2020
Grapefruit Guacamole
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(Image credit: Nick Evans)

Maybe you’ve heard, but there’s a bit of a lime shortage happening these days, which is a real shame because this is the time of year that I love to use limes. Guacamoles, margaritas, and Tex-Mex all need loads of lime juice to work. …Or do they?

In reality, any citrus can get the job done for a thing like guacamole. Bright and slightly sweet ruby red grapefruit juice is a welcome change to the basic guacamole and one that I think both you and your guests will love!

(Image credit: Nick Evans)

While you can certainly buy grapefruit juice in the stores, I recommend picking up a whole grapefruit for this recipe. It actually works perfectly to juice one half of the grapefruit for our lime juice substitute and then to use the flesh from the second half as a mix-in. Also, I find that the fresh juice really does have a brighter flavor than the bottled variety, so I think it’s worth the extra work.

(Image credit: Nick Evans)

Of course, grapefruit can only get you so far in a guacamole. There’s still some necessary add-ins in my mind. You won’t find a bowl of guacamole on my table that doesn’t have some red onion, cilantro, Serrano pepper, and maybe a pinch of cumin in it.

When it comes to mashing, the best tool for the job is a potato masher! It won’t completely pulverize the avocados, leaving some small chunks, but makes quick work of mixing the ingredients together well.

Expand your guacamole horizons this year. Try it with grapefruits and save those expensive limes for the ‘ritas.

(Image credit: Nick Evans)

Grapefruit Guacamole

Serves 4

Nutritional Info


  • 3

    large ripe avocados

  • 1

    Serrano pepper, minced (remove seeds before mincing)

  • 1/3 cup

    diced red onion

  • 1/4 cup

    minced cilantro

  • 1 teaspoon

    ground cumin

  • 1/2 teaspoon

    red pepper flakes

  • 1/2 teaspoon

    Kosher salt

  • 1

    large ruby red grapefruit

  • Tortilla chips, to serve


  1. Halve the avocados, remove the pits, and scoop out the avocado flesh. Use a potato masher to lightly mash the avocados. Don't over-mash them at this point.

  2. Add the minced pepper, red onion, cilantro, cumin, red pepper flakes, and salt to the mashed avocado. Stir to combine.

  3. Cut the grapefruit in half and juice half of the grapefruit. You should get around 1/3 cup of juice. Stir the juice into the guacamole.

  4. Scoop out the flesh from the remaining half of the grapefruit with a spoon. It helps to run a knife around each segment to separate it from the grapefruit pith. Roughly chop the scooped grapefruit flesh and stir it into the guacamole, reserving a little of the grapefruit to garnish on top. Taste the guacamole and adjust any of the seasonings to taste.

  5. Garnish the guacamole with a bit of chopped grapefruit and serve with tortilla chips!