Recipe: Frozen Peach Bourbon Mule

updated May 1, 2019
Frozen Peach Bourbon Mule
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(Image credit: Jayme Henderson)

I feel fortunate to live here in Colorado, where the peaches from Palisade are among the very best in the world. Every summer at my house, we go through cases of these juicy, sweet fruits. We’ve tried it all — galettes, pies, jams, sauces, salads, salsas, and glazes — but the biggest stroke of genius that arose from last season’s haul was this frozen, bourbon-laced peach mule.

Peaches, bourbon, and ginger are natural pairing companions. Just add a little ice and a squeeze of lime, and give it a spin in the blender. This is a brain freeze you’ll welcome any spring afternoon. (Or morning — I don’t judge.)

(Image credit: Jayme Henderson)

We’re all familiar with the traditional Moscow Mule, a simple combination of vodka, lime, and ginger beer, most often served in a copper mug. At the restaurant where I work, one of our classic cocktails is the Colorado Mule, where we swap the straight vodka for a peach-infused version. I have to say that I enjoy it better than the original.

I’m always putting twists on cocktails, so when I acquired my first bottle of Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Peach Whiskey a couple years ago, a riff on the peach mule was inevitable. Bourbon and ginger are already a perfect pairing, while ginger and peaches are practically soulmates. It’s a no-brainer to combine all three of these components.

During an abundance of fresh peaches last summer, this line of thought led me to create a frozen version of a bourbon-based peach mule, and it just might be my favorite iteration of them all.

(Image credit: Jayme Henderson)

Frozen Peach Bourbon Mule

Serves 2

Nutritional Info


  • 3 ounces

    bourbon (I used TINCUP)

  • 3 ounces

    fresh peaches, chopped (approximately 1 1/2 peaches)

  • 1 ounce

    freshly squeezed lime juice

  • 6 ounces

    ginger beer (I used Reed's Extra Ginger Brew)

  • 1 1/2 cups

    ice, preferably crushed

  • Fresh mint sprigs, for garnish

  • Lime wheels, for garnish


  1. In a blender, combine the bourbon, fresh peaches, lime juice, and ginger beer. Add ice and blend, starting on the lowest setting and increasing to the highest setting. Add more ice if you desire a thicker consistency. Pour the frozen peach bourbon mule into copper mugs, if you have them; otherwise, any cocktail glass will suffice. Garnish with fresh sprigs of mint and lime wheels.

Recipe Notes

If peaches aren't in season, you can easily substitute frozen peaches. Just be aware that you may use a little less ice. I like to freeze seasonal fresh fruit when it's abundant and less expensive so that I can "eat in season" whenever I'd like.

If you can, use crushed ice. Your cocktail will blend easier and make a smoother drink. If you can't find crushed ice, make your own by wrapping ice cubes in a kitchen towel and smashing them with a meat tenderizer or mallet.

Take the time to pre-chill your ingredients, so that the ice remains cold and doesn't quickly dilute the drink, when you mix it.

Want to make this cocktail even lighter? Look for Reed's Extra Ginger Brew Light, which uses fruit concentrates and stevia to sweeten things up.