Recipe Follow-Up: Final Thoughts on the NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Recipe Follow-Up: Final Thoughts on the NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Emma Christensen
Aug 11, 2008

Ok, folks, a few weeks have passed and the frenzy over the New York Times Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie has died down to a gentle murmur.

We thought this would be a good moment to check in: what's your final take on this cookie?

In the interest of scientific comparison, we made our standby chocolate chip cookie recipe last week to see if the difference was really noticeable. We mixed up a batch, filled the house with the smells of baking, and eagerly bit into the first cookie when it was barely cool.

And we have to admit that our old recipe just didn't stand up to the test!

The flavor was flatter, tasting sweet in a general way rather than the caramel and vanilla notes from the New York Times cookie. The color was pale, and the texture was crumbly and cakey. We even missed that little zing of salt!

We were a little disappointed in our old cookie, to tell the truth. We thought the New York Times cookie was delicious, but we were sure our recipe was just as good!

Mark us down as converts. While we may not seek out the feves or fuss with the different flours every time we make these cookies, we feel this recipe has earned a place in our collection.

What about you?

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(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)

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