Recipe: Erin’s Crêpes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When the cat’s away… You all did very nicely while we were gone these last few days; the Open Thread got quite lively. The fact that while we were in Paris, the main topics on the thread were Tofu and Girl Scout Cookies is another matter.

While we wait for the 600 photos of mostly things we ate to download from our camera, we’ll share the one French-related recipe given by a reader in the open thread. Meg asked about Crêpes… and Erin gave us this, her boyfriend’s mom’s “recipe”:

Erin’s Franco-American Crêpes

In a mixing bowl with a lip (for pouring ease), whisk together an egg or eggs, some milk and some flour and a pinch of salt until smooth.

Okay, yes, I realize that’s not much of a recipe, but the proportions really are very flexible, depending on what you have. What you’re aiming for is a mixture with the consistency of latex paint, or a little thinner. I like mine a little eggier (so 2 eggs and less milk), and sometimes add a little bit of sugar when the crepes are going to be breakfast.

Heat up a non-stick skillet to medium (we use my 10-inch) and douse it with butter. Pour in a palm-sized or so circle of batter, and swirl the pan to thin it out. I still haven’t mastered getting them completely round, but it’s fun to try! Cook until pale golden, then carefully flip.

Mostly we just eat as we go, but if you wanted to keep them warm, I’d put them in the oven with a towel to keep them flexible.

The whole thing just takes practice, (his mom’s are somehow always better than mine) but it’s fun to eat the screw-ups nonetheless.

(Thanks, Erin!)