Philly’s Hippest Cocktail Recipe: The Broad & Catherine Cocktail

(Image credit: Maureen Petrosky)

A friend of mine recently dined at Tashan, this killer upscale Indian spot in Philadelphia, and she said I must go and order a particular whiskey cocktail. She described it as an Indian Old-Fashioned. So I ventured downtown only to find that the cocktail my friend thought she was describing was something else entirely.

What she thought was a whiskey cocktail was in fact made with an aged tequila, a trace of blood orange liqueur and a hint of bitters. There was no doubt this was not whiskey, but there was definite confirmation that this was delicious.

The name of the cocktail comes from the restaurant’s location on the corner of Broad and Catherine streets in Philadelphia. I learned this tidbit from the parking ticket I received while enjoying my drinks alongside the best tikka masala and dal in town. (Don’t worry — I wasn’t the driver! My sister drew the short straw that night.)

While this isn’t a whiskey drink, a whiskey lover would enjoy it. It’s a stiff sip with a warming finish and a soothing orange aroma. For this week’s 10-Minute Happy Hour, it’s a stop off at the store for your ingredients and a quick swirl with your mixing spoon, and you’ll be enjoying a taste of Philly’s finest in no time.

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Broad & Catherine Cocktail



  • Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, for rinsing your rocks glass

  • 2

    sugar cubes

  • A few shakes of angostura bitters

  • Splash of water

  • 2 ounces

    Tres Genaraciones Anejo Tequila



  1. Pour a splash of Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur into a rocks glass and swirl it around to coat. Pour out the extra.

  2. In a cocktail shaker, add the sugar cubes and soak with bitters. Muddle with a splash of water. Add the tequila and stir to dissolve any remaining sugar. Add ice and stir until cold.

  3. Fill your rocks glass with ice and strain the cocktail over top. Garnish with an orange peel.

Recipe Notes

This recipe is reprinted with permission from Tashan Restaurant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.