Reality Check: 5 Obstacles to Eating Right

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When it comes to eating better, just knowing what we should eat doesn’t necessarily make it easier to make healthy choices every day. Slate recently debuted a series of articles examining five obstacles to eating right and exploring ways around them.

What are they?

First up is information overload, the overwhelming excess of often contradictory nutritional advice that makes it difficult to figure out what we’re supposed to be eating in the first place. Writer Ellen Tarlin has decided to stick with the USDA food pyramid in her effort to eat better, but she offers alternative food guides for those wanting to follow the recommended vegetarian, Mediterranean or Mayo Clinic diet, among others.

The next obstacle is money. Tarlin takes a look at how much she budgets for food, how much she actually spends and challenges herself to spend as little as possible while still fulfilling dietary requirements.

In the coming weeks, the series will focus on time, outside influence (friends, family, the food industry) and our own inertia. We appreciate the solid information and honest writing of this series and are looking forward to future installments.

What are your obstacles to eating better? How do you get around them?

(Image: Flickr member Beth Rankin licensed under Creative Commons)