The Drill-Free Shelves That Will Instantly Corral Your Entire Spice Collection (They’re Essential for Renters!)

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Credit: Tessa Cooper

There is one recommendation that every home organizer agrees on: shelves. No matter which room you add them to, shelves will help you get your home in order and keep it that way. However, people don’t always take this advice because, to be frank, most shelves are kind of a pain to install. Drilling holes into your walls and mounting shelves takes a bit of time and preparation, and for people who rent, it can often feel like a risky option. Standing shelf units or bookcases are much easier to set up, but those tend to be pricey.

That’s why we get excited when we discover shelves that are (actually) easy to add and offer a meaningful amount of storage space. We’ve found some great self-adhesive ones that are super helpful in the bathroom and on tile walls, but this set of magnetic shelves outperforms those in the kitchen since it’s so convenient and quick to install. It’s also quite affordable, which is a nice bonus.

These matte-black shelves come in a pack of four and you instantly pop them onto any magnetic metal surface, thanks to their large and powerful magnetic strips. Your refrigerator is the ideal place to put these up, although you can just as easily add additional storage space on the side of your microwave, washing machine, or dryer. Each shelf can carry up to 11 pounds, and the set includes two large and two medium shelves, although their size differences are minimal — the large is 11.6 inches wide and the medium is 10.6 inches wide.

They’re great for organizing spices and getting bottles of oil and cooking liquids off your countertops so you can make better use of that space. In your laundry room, they can hold bottles of detergent, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and all the other cleaning products that might otherwise be cluttering your clothes-washing area. And, because the shelves all have short railings on the front, you won’t have to worry about things getting knocked off.

Credit: Amazon

We’ve seen similar magnetic shelves that (while great) can cost almost $50 each, so with these priced at a little less than $8 per shelf, they’re a can’t-miss bargain. We also like that Amazon shoppers have found them to be reliable and just as easy to install as they look. Multiple reviewers commented on the durability of the magnets, writing things such as, “These are incredibly strong so I am not concerned about storing oil bottles or even liquor bottles in them.” Another called them “phenomenal” and wrote, “If you are limited on space like I am this is a must-have!”

Some budget-friendly storage upgrades can turn out to be too good to be true, but these organizers are the real deal. If you want an easy and affordable way to increase your kitchen’s storage capacity, you’ve found it.