Real Life Bars from Kitchen Tours

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our kitchen tours have given us a peek inside the heart of many people’s homes: the kitchen. But you really feel at home when they show you their bar. Here are a few real-life home bars from past tours:

These three are from house tours over at Apartment Therapy:

1 Yoko and Matthew’s White Lounge Bar from Yoko and Matthew’s Simple White Home
2 Shelves and the adjacent kitchen island form a bar at Eve’s Warm and Witty Loft
3 Would you believe that this antique fire pull box serves as storage for a few choice bottles in Patrick’s World of Wonder?

And two more are from kitchen tours here at The Kithn:

4 Debbie’s Subversive Traditional Comfort
5 From Sharon Fashions a Cooking Oasis, a shallow cabinet on the back of the island serves as bar storage.

(Images: as linked above)