This Is the Best Color to Paint Your Kitchen — According to Real Estate Pros

published Dec 8, 2022
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Organized white kitchen with wooden shelving and decor.

I love uniquely painted kitchens. There’s something about the sense of personality a kitchen can hold, along with all the people that gather in there, that calls to me. So if I see something like red, mint green, or even black, I’m thrilled.

It appears, though, that I might be in the minority. I asked a handful of real estate pros what the best color to paint your kitchen is, and here’s what they said.

“The best kitchen paint color is white. White indicates cleanliness and purity. It is the perfect background for colorful accents such as utensil holders, tile, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid using too much red, as red is too ‘hot’ in the kitchen.” —Strategic Interior Design Advisor Leslie VanDerven of Real Estate Bees

“I recommend Super White by Benjamin Moore to give a bright, clean, and crisp feel to a kitchen.” —Agent Jared Barnett of Compass

“Kitchens are one of the most important areas of a home, and it is smart to keep the color scheme primarily neutral — whites, grays, and taupes. That being said, if appropriate to the style of the home, painted cabinets in a subtle blue-gray or sage green-gray can be very popular and add a bit of color. This color works well when used as an accent, such as on the island, while the rest of the kitchen remains neutral. Homeowners should remember that the quality of the painted finish is critical — it should be factory painted and not on-site for a more durable and even finish.” —Agent Kate Wollman-Mahan of Coldwell Banker Warburg

White is always a go-to color for a kitchen space in an apartment and smaller homes. Keeping it light and bright is always a safe and timeless choice and will make the space feel bigger. Green is also a great choice for bringing a sense of the outdoors in and can be a serene choice for a room people spend a lot of time in. You can also go more dramatic with a darker green or navy blue to make your cabinets and countertops pop and with a few great accessories — making your kitchen a real showpiece in your home.” —National VP of Design Studios Amber Shay with Meritage Homes

“Paint color is such a personal choice. I recommend that my sellers paint their kitchens white before we list them. However, you may as well enjoy a color you love while living in the home. Much more important than the paint color is the paint type. You will want your painter to use a satin, pearl, or semi-gloss finish. Kitchen walls see a lot more wear and tear than your living room wall, and you will want to make sure you choose a paint type that can deal with heat, grease, smoke, etc.” —Agent Mihal Gartenberg of Coldwell Banker Warburg

“The reigning queen of kitchen colors is no doubt white. Everyone does white for their kitchen; it’s neutral, makes the space look bigger, and is non-confrontational in every respect. Most of my clients don’t even discuss kitchen colors, they just assume it will be white, and the only thing they’re prepared to discuss are counter types and fixtures.

That said, despite being guilty of having a white kitchen myself, I feel like it’s time for another color. Lately, I have been in love with Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray. It’s a gray heavily infused with blue. It has a richness and depth that feels classic to me. At the very least, I think people should consider painting the kitchen walls a different color (other than white). But adding a rich color like this to their cabinets with well accented hardware could be just the thing to affordably upgrade their kitchen. A color like this also will help you keep your kitchen pristine, as white, no matter how much you clean, will begin to show cooking stains if you cook regularly in the kitchen. And if you have the unfortunate problem of ever having a leak it will be much more pronounced with white.” —Agent Marie Bromberg with Compass in NYC

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