Real Enchiladas Verdes & Keeping Sliced Avocados Fresh This Time Last Year

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Buenos dias, amigos! This time last year, we spent a week exploring all the delectable dishes and ingredients that Latin American countries have to offer. We have a recipe for authentic enchiladas verdes, plus a slow-cooker shortcut version. Then there’s the best beers to pair with spicy foods, basalt molcajetes, how to keep that half an avocado from browning, and much more.

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You haven’t had guacamole until you’ve had it made in a basalt molcajete.

• The secret to keeping sliced avocados fresh: an onion.

Nutty, smoky, savory moles are like the curry of Mexico.

• Beers to kick up the spice and beers to sooth the burn.

• It’s hard to look at this kitchen without coveting that butcher block.

• Single-serving rice bowls are a great addition to the weeknight meal rotation.

Make the best tortillas you’ve ever had with your very own tortilla press.

• These enchiladas verdes are the real deal.

The bizarre-but-true relationship between figs and wasps reads like science fiction.

• Two methods for saving moldy cheese from the trash.

Five recipes from the Rick Bayless, the King of Mexican Cuisine.

• Lots of great quick and brainless midweek meal ideas here.

How to use a bath towel to keep salad greens fresh all week long.

These slow-cooker enchiladas are super easy and super delicious.

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