Readers’ Thanksgiving Tables

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

More Thanksgiving tables! Readers have been sending in photos of their Thanksgiving tables and we’re loving all the homey holiday inspiration. Here’s an updated post with even more photos that the readers have submitted.

Make a note for the next big holiday spread: have your camera ready and make sure the light is good. We love seeing tables in action, too, so don’t worry if the scene isn’t perfectly tidy.

Thanks to Silva in New York City, Brooke of Food Woolf in Los Angeles, CA, Christine in Berkeley, CA, Eliza in Philadelphia, CA, Kari in Sacramento, Lindsay in Deep Creek Lake, MD, and Andrew in Austin, TX. Plus some newly added tables (December 9th) from Gaia in Providence, RI, Janis in Venice, CA, Kristianna in San Jose, CA, Maria in Los Angeles, CA, Mark in Columbia, SC, and Tara in San Diego, CA.