Reader Tip: Add Beet to Poached Pears for Color

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Look at these spectacular ruby-hued poached pears. Gorgeous! We love poached fruit, and, inspired by David Lebovitz, we’ve been planning on poaching a couple pounds of pears this weekend. Well, reader Liz just inspired us to add a little something extra, for pizzazz.

Liz just collaborated on a joint project with Megan of the superb food blog Feasting on Art (see Megan’s guest post for The Kitchn here; Liz also gave us a guest post with a elderflower champagne cocktail). They both drew dessert inspiration from a stained glass Tiffany window.

In order to get the robust scarlet Liz saw in that window, she slipped a piece of beet into her poaching liquid. The result? Glowing scarlet pears, with glorious all-natural color. We love this red sauce, and the poached pears too; what a creative idea for a holiday dessert!

To see more of Liz and Megan’s project inspired by the Tiffany window, visit their blogs:

(Image: Liz of Zested)