Survey: How Do You Pronounce Cauliflower?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over the years as we’ve moved around from state to state, we’ve noticed that regional dialects lead people to say the word cauliflower in all different ways. It’s not something you really think about until you hear someone say it differently than you! Take our survey below and share how you pronounce this fresh garden treat!

We grew up pronouncing the word Caul-La-Flower and it still catches us off guard when we hear it otherwise. Last night while folding laundry we caught a little bit of Iron Chef, Battle Cauliflower and while it made for a little light entertainment to make the chore seem less mundane, the chefs in attendance pronounced things Caul-Lee-Flower. At some point it almost become comical to hear it said so many times in a row and it got us thinking, how do you say it? Is it a family pronunciation? A local thing? We’re curious to hear your results!

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